Eletive is an intelligent People Success Platform helping organisations measure and increase employee engagement, performance, and self-leadership.

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Eletive is a leading platform for employee surveys and performance management. Eletive was founded in 2014 by two engineers and a psychologist, to combine cutting-edge technology with the latest research on organizational psychology and behavioral science. The result was a Eletive, a People Success Platform, which today has a rapidly growing user base worldwide.

Key features

Intelligent pulse surveys powered by machine learning measure employee engagement in real time, and flexible scheduling and custom surveys allow you to tailor the processes to the organization's needs. Advanced analytics based on AI and NLP help organizations understand feedback, work in an agile and proactive way, and make data-driven decisions. With a toolbox of OKRs, SMART goals, one-to-one templates, 360-degree surveys, and much more, Eletive fully supports managers in leading their teams toward success. And best of all? Eletive gives everyone in the organization the tools to influence and improve their employee experience. With individual dashboards and research-based in-app guidance, each individual develops their self-leadership and is encouraged to perform at their best. With Eletive, employees, leaders, HR, and management are all included in creating a better workplace for everyone.


Employee engagement surveys: Get real-time insights with pulse surveys. Learn how your employees feel about their work, from onboarding to offboarding.
Performance Management: Align around goals, track progress, and support 1:1s with templates, scheduling, and shared agendas.
Self-leadership: Build a culture of feedback and self-leadership. Empower your people to build a great workplace — together.

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