Beleco helps companies increase productivity and cut costs in a sustainable way in the transition from office-first to remote-first.

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Beleco's innovative solutions are also transforming the furniture industry. Companies rent an office and designer furniture on flexible subscriptions from 50+ well-known brands, avoiding both large investment costs and benefit taxation. Fast delivery times and scalable solutions also mean you always have exactly the right amount of furniture. This circular business model gives manufacturers incentives to create even better products as the value of furniture is maximized throughout its lifecycle. This reduces new production and results in a more sustainable society. Beleco has offices in Sweden, London and Berlin.

Key features

Beleco also offers flexible subscriptions for home offices. A hybrid working model is perhaps the most important issue when it comes to attracting and retaining talent. In addition, a hybrid working model contributes to increased productivity and reduced costs.


Office furniture – Renting office furniture is smart economically, environmentally and time consumingly. Free furni
Hybrid offices – 80% find they are more productive outside the office. Equipping your team with ergonomic home offices might be a very profitable business for the employer.
Flexible subscriptions – Rent for a few days or squeeze prices with longer subscriptions. Beleco helps with furnishing tips, delivery, installation and return. Simple, economical and sustainable.

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