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Alexis all-in-one people platform empowers HR teams, managers and employees by blending into your favorite communication tool.
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Problems we solve

Scattered data

HR teams are struggling to understand the bigger picture when people data is collected in separated tools.


Business leaders struggle with repetitive and time consuming tasks to forward data between different systems.


Employees struggle with interruption when performing admin tasks because of using yet another platform.

The all-in-one HR solution
blending into Slack & Teams

🔍 Get the insights

By enabling a simple way of resolving HR requests in Slack & Teams, you quickly will turn employee input data into valuable insights. Move fast with a simple click and save time for both HR teams, managers and employees when collecting data.

🚀 Keep up to speed

AlexisHR blends into your organization without being a distraction which improves the overall employee experience. Handle HR tasks across the organization, speedy and frictionless in the new chatbot experience for Slack & Teams.

💪 Battle tool fatigue

By resolving tasks instantly in your favourite communications tool, employees don’t have to learn another app or interface. Keep up to speed, say good bye to context switching and let your employees stay productive.

💬 Connect people

Never miss a relevant anniversary or birthday again, celebrate your wins as a team and always stay up to date with the latest custom notifications to better connect with your teams.


A chatbot to resolve tasks

Help managers and employees stay up to speed and improve overall efficiency with a powerful yet simple chatbot experience. Integrate Alexis with your favorite messaging app and open up an entirely new toolbox. Simplify the HR tasks for everyone while still ensuring that everything is registered correctly.
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Collect employee data in one place

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and puzzling data together from various systems. AlexisHR is the platform that helps you collect all your employee data, create simple time management processes, sign or store documents and get valuable insights for better decision-making.
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Fuel growth across the organization

Open the door for continuous development and higher performance with Goals and Reviews in Alexis. Bring clarity to each employee's work and tie company, team, and individual goals together. Enable people to reach their full potential with trusted review processes that helps managers and employees to connect. 
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Employee experience

Better connect with employees

Provide pre- and onboarding journeys that help people thrive in their new roles. Build workflows, delegate tasks across the organization and collaborate with ease. Alexis will keep you on-track with notifications and reminders.
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Customizable for your organization

Implementing an HR-tool shouldn’t mean that you have to bend over backwards and change your way of working. AlexisHR is made to meet the needs of dynamic and growing companies. Customize the platform to your current processes and then adapt everything as your company evolves. Create custom roles, define access rights, set up your own time policies, tailor onboarding journeys, build your own reports to merge Alexis to your organization.
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Connect tools

Alexis acts as a hub for your people data, feeding the tools and systems with the data of your choice.

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AlexisHR's features

Automate administration
Set measurable goals to provide direction
Plan and organize salary reviews
Overview reported time
Welcome new employees
Develop staff and managers
Visualize employee data
Manage salary base data according to GDPR
Manage folders and permissions
Create, sign and store agreements
Enable your people and business to thrive
Connect various HR tools

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